Business courses prepare students for successful careers in marketing, management, finance and hospitality. Through a variety of engaging, interactive courses, students gain access to business knowledge, technology skills, and the career advancement skills necessary to thrive in a global society.

The multifaceted discipline of business includes subject matter areas focusing on the functional areas of business (management, marketing, finance, accounting, entrepreneurship), factors affecting business (economics and international business), acquiring basic skills (information technology and communication), and examining business from different perspectives.

In addition to offering real-world content, students enrolled in business courses also develop skills critical to postsecondary success including:

  • critical thinking
  • decision-making
  • human relations
  • self-management
  • teamwork
  • leadership
  • interpersonal communication

Список курсов

Accounting I

Course: #6100
Course: #T6100*, Tonka Online 
*Select term F=Fall, W=Winter
Grade(s) offered: 10-12
Credits: .5 (semester course)    
Prerequisites: None

Accounting is an essential business course for students planning to study business in college that introduces students to basic accounting principles and procedures.

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Course: #6102   
Grade(s) offered: 10-12    
Credits: .5 (semester course)    
Prerequisites: None

Entrepreneurship is a hands-on, project-based course that explores business development from ideation to implementation.

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IB Business Management SL

Course: #IB610, S1
Course: #IB611, S2   
Grade(s) offered: 11-12
Credits: 1 (one-year course)
.5 (per semester)
Prerequisites: None

IB Business Management is an interactive, discussion-based course that explores the business functions of human resource management, finance and accounts, marketing and operations management.

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Introduction to Business

Course: #6106 
Grade(s) offered: 9-12    
Credits: .5 (semester course)    
Prerequisites: None

Introduction to business explores the field of business and business organizations including basic ideas of economics, management, production, marketing, finance, and international business.

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Marketing I

Course: #6104
Grade(s) offered: 10-12
Credits: .5 (semester course)
Prerequisites: None

Marketing is an interactive, project-based course that focuses on the business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

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Business students at work


VANTAGE - это программа повышения квалификации в средней школе Миннетонки. Обучаясь на собственном опыте, VANTAGE предоставляет студентам уникальную возможность применить полученные знания в реальной жизни. Существует семь областей исследования:

  • Бизнес-аналитика
  • Дизайн + Маркетинг
  • Цифровая журналистика
  • Глобальный бизнес
  • Глобальная устойчивость
  • Медицинские науки
  • Опыт использования (UX) Проектирование

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Business and Technology Collide!

working together with technology

Changing technology has created a growing need for people with experience and education in computer science. Many employers are experiencing shortages of highly trained technical people, especially in computer science related fields. Careers of today require strong academic and technical preparation. By carefully planning course selection, students will improve their employment opportunities.

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