Преподавание и обучение

Ensuring all students envision and pursue their highest aspirations requires teachers that inspire in every child a passion to excel with confidence and hope, a curriculum which allows for choice and flexibility, and an educational system that supports each student successfully completing a personal education plan.

Within the Minnetonka School District, we are currently implementing strategic action plans which focus on differentiating instruction, personalizing education for students, utilizing technology to maximize student achievement, and ensuring best practices in instruction and assessment in every classroom. Our teachers and families have high expectations for our students, and our students rise to the challenge.

Performance on assessments indicate our students perform exceedingly well. We invite you to become familiar with our curriculum and other programs and services that support teaching and learning in our schools. If you have questions or suggestions, we welcome your feedback.

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академические стандарты

Государственные школы Миннесоты придерживаются академических стандартов, разработанных Министерством образования Миннесоты (MDE).

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