The parent committee supports parents and families to become better equipped with the knowledge and skills to keep their children healthy and safe. We do this by providing current information and resources to support mental health, chemical health, and overall student wellness. Research supports that parents are the number one influence on their children! Be an advocate for your child; become connected, support their needs, provide a healthy environment, and give them the resources they need for health, wellness and success.

Learn more about specific issues surrounding mental wellness, opioids, tobacco/e-cigarettes/vaping, marijuana, and alcohol by visiting our "initiatives" tab above, or to identify resources in our community click on the links below.

To find a safe prescription drug disposal location click here: https://www.hennepin.us/medicine


Поведенческое здоровье

Click below to find more information on community resources, counseling, and more surrounding mental health issues for your youth.

Learn more about Behavioral Health

Химическое здоровье

High school students can access free, onsite, confidential chemical health counseling through a partnership between MHS and Relate Counseling Center.

Learn more about Chemical Health

Родители в сообществе

Resources for parents including ongoing workshops, monthly support groups, tutoring, diagnostic testing for children with learning disabilities and more.

Learn More about Community Parenting

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