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The Family Helpdesk is designed to assist families with any technology related question and can be reached via email at family.helpdesk@minnetonkaschools.org and by phone at 952-401-5123.

For some requests it may be most appropriate to contact your child's Media Specialist.

School Media Specialist Phone Email
Clear Springs Elementary


Tiffany Miley

952-401-6998 Tiffany.Miley@minnetonkaschools.org


Deephaven Elementary


Kelli Whiteside

952-401-6874 Kelli.Whiteside@minnetonkaschools.org


Excelsior Elementary


Erin Carcamo


952-401-5696 Erin.Carcamo@minnetonkaschools.org


Groveland Elementary


Colleen Small

952-401-5591 Colleen.Small@minnetonkaschools.org


Minnewashta Elementary


Shelly Traver





Scenic Heights Elementary


Melinda Barry 952-401-5414 Melinda.Barry@minnetonkaschools.org


Middle School East


Jane Zins 952-401-5231 Jane.Zins@minnetonkaschools.org


Средняя школа Запад Jane Zins 952-401-5322 Jane.Zins@minnetonkaschools.org
Minnetonka High School


Molly Keogh

952-401-5860 molly.keogh@minnetonkaschools.org