После школы

Community Education Programs
We offer a variety of academic, enrichment and recreational programs for students outside of the school day. Programs are offered through the Minnetonka Community Education program.

Классы образцов включают в себя:

  • Искусство
  • Йога
  • Драма
  • Шахматы
  • Гольф
  • Лига Лего
  • Музыка
  • Репетиторство

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After-School Spanish Classes
Learning a second language at an early age increases flexibility in thinking and improves a child’s understanding of their native language. The after school program is a great introduction to the Spanish language. Students learn basic vocabulary with an emphasis on conversation and communication. Classes involve singing songs, reading stories, and playing games. We celebrate Spanish holidays and talk about the traditions of other countries. The main focus of our after school classes is to expose students to the language and culture of Spanish speakers.

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