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Tonka Online fills your summer with possibilities

Tonka Online is a fully online program and is therefore unaffected by the current COVID-19 restrictions. Take advantage of our online expertise and fill your summer with possibilities!

Fill Your Summer with Possibilities

With Tonka Online, you complete coursework at your own pace, at whatever time you choose, all in the comfort of your own study space. Using innovative online learning tools like Schoology, you will complete work, collaborate with classmates, discuss topics with teachers and gain frequent feedback through online assessments.

Summer courses are available to 8-12 grade students in Minnesota! Tonka Online is open to all students who are enrolled in the Minnetonka School District, attend another public/private school or are home-schooled.


Registration for Summer 2020 is currently closed.

Примечание: В зависимости от размера класса, мы можем записать студентов после окончательного срока, в ожидании одобрения. Пожалуйста, напишите по адресу tonkaonline@minnetonkaschools.org, чтобы узнать о поздней регистрации.

Окружные студенты

Для учеников 9-12 классов штата Миннесота.

Регистрация за пределами округа

In-District Students (MHS)

For students currently enrolled in Minnetonka High School grades 9-12.

Регистрация студентов МЗС

In-District Students (MME/MMW)

For MME/MMW students in 8th grade interested in attending a summer course.

MME/MMW Registration

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