Minnetonka Nutrition Services are happy to provide refreshments and/or meals for your group meetings and events!

View our price lists and menu suggestions to help with your planning. If you do not find information on the type of refreshments or menus that you desire, please call us at 952-401-5917 or send us an email at catering@minnetonkaschools.org. We will work with you to provide the products and services you need.


When planning an event which will utilize a District cafeteria, you must obtain a permit for the area of your event through the Minnetonka District Facility Scheduler at 952-401-5052. If you know you will be arranging for the use of a District kitchen, you will need to give that information to the Scheduler at the time you obtain the permit for the cafeteria.

Use of kitchen

The use of a kitchen must also be arranged through the Minnetonka Nutrition Services office at 952-401-5044. Please contact us as soon as you determine the date of the event and have received a permit for your event from the Facility Scheduler. To ensure availability, your organization should submit a Kitchen Use Request Form to Nutrition Services soon after securing the facility. We suggest you make your arrangements for kitchen use at least 2 months in advance of your event.

School sponsored events

When planning a school social event, contact the Kitchen Manager at the school. Your organization must submit a Service Request Form to the Kitchen Manager at least four weeks prior to your event. Final orders for food and/or supply items for school events must be given at least two weeks in advance to accommodate the delivery schedules of our suppliers.


All District kitchens are licensed facilities. All local and state health department rules, regulations and guidelines must be adhered to by the Minnetonka Nutrition Services Department and its assigned staff.

Delivery charge

An $8 charge will be added to all orders delivered from building kitchens to any other facility or building.

Changes or cancellations in orders

Requests for changes or cancellations in orders for food and beverage service on the day of the event will be charged according to the ability to reuse ordered items.


Prices listed are subject to change depending on market prices.

Beverage orders

Orders for beverages must be placed at least one week in advance.